Our Partnership with BEAM: A Three-Month Round Up

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Tom Neely

By Tom Neely

At Neemar Search, we aim to be intentionally different and make genuine changes within our communities. We want to create a community within the industry that strives to do things differently. As part of our values, we want to not only collaborate with clients but also be a force for good.

We were delighted to start our journey by partnering with Beam - an innovative crowdfunding platform designed to help homeless people across the UK regain their independence through career opportunities. Our purpose is to change lives through creating opportunities for people to reach their full potential and this ties in perfectly with Beams aims to tackle homelessness through career opportunities.

During our partnership so far, we have donated over £2,600 to Beam, which has helped to change the lives of over 50 people. This has also helped 6 people into employment and 16 people into housing.

Thomas’ Story

Thomas has always worked in construction, but recently he has found regular work harder to find. His CSCS card (the card which permits Thomas to work on construction sites) has expired hasn't which hasn't helped his situation, as without it he is unable to work.

Thomas has been able to find irregular work, but it's not enough and his financial situation is deteriorating. 

With the job market now mostly existing online, Thomas is finding it difficult to work as he struggles with technology. Beam is helping him practice these skills he is now feeling more confident in applying for jobs online himself.

“I've already started to see the benefits as employers are already responding to my applications with offers for interviews. This has motivated me to keep moving forward and making progress.”



Alexandra’s Story

In a challenging turn of events, Alexandra and her daughter have found themselves residing in temporary accommodation for an extended period. Their journey has been fraught with difficulties, including the loss of personal belongings, financial stability, and the very roof over their heads. All their possessions were stowed away in a garage, which remains inaccessible to them. Alexandra yearns for a brighter future, both for herself and her daughter.

Driven by a genuine desire to assist others, Alexandra has previously worked in the hospitality industry as both a waitress and barista. Eager to rekindle her professional journey, she wants to contribute her skills and experience to these roles once again. In her pursuit of stability and the means to provide for her daughter, Alexandra aspires to regain her footing and make a positive impact through her work.

“Knowing there are people who want to support me feels very good! I felt alone in the world after I had my daughter, and I was ashamed to not have anywhere to go. I am very grateful and very happy, and now am not feeling alone in the world.”

Ashleigh’s Story

Ashleigh never thought that she would end up homeless. It started when she was suffering from neglect and had to leave her mother’s house. Her mother received a new home from the council, but unfortunately, she didn’t want her to move in with her and her new family. This left her no other option than to stay in temporary accommodation. Being homeless was one of the toughest experiences in her life. She felt like she had no one to turn to, and it was challenging to rely on anyone for help.

“I'm excited about my new home, as it will provide a sense of stability. Starting fresh and having my own space will be a new adventure for me.”


A huge thank you to everyone for attending our events, along with your donations for Tom’s Half Marathon Challenge!

Neemar Search is an executive search business supporting Housing Associations in appointing permanent and interim leaders into their organisation. Neemar has the vision to be more than a search partner and to be a genuine force for good within the sectors we operate in.

If you want to know more about our partnership with Beam, click here or e-mail tomneely@neemarsearch.com

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