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Non-Executive Recruitment

Elevating Organisations Through Strategic Non-Executive Recruitment.

At Neemar Search, we specialise in supporting growth by sourcing high-quality non-executive talent. Our expert professional team expedites change, ensuring your objectives are met efficiently and effectively. With our extensive experience in navigating the regulatory environment and understanding the complexities this can involve, we provide tailored guidance and support to help you thrive.

Driving success through exceptional governance

Non-Executive Recruitment

We offer an innovative approach to strengthening boards and leadership teams, specifically focusing on executive and non-executive roles. We empower individuals and organisations to achieve their full potential.

Drawing on our in-depth knowledge of the social housing industry, we specialise in sourcing highly qualified non-executive candidates for your senior roles. We understand the critical importance of finding the perfect fit for these positions, and we invest time in comprehensively understanding your business, culture, and objectives to ensure precise alignment.

Our team offers agile and straightforward recruitment solutions tailored to the housing sector's unique needs. Whether you need governance expertise, strategic vision, or industry insights, we're here to help you find the right non-executive talent for success.

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Fresh perspectives for sustainable growth

Our Approach to Non-Executive Director Recruitment

The social housing sector mandates the rotation of non-executive directors every six years, highlighting the necessity for fresh perspectives and specialised skills. We recognise this legal obligation and specialise in sourcing, identifying, and matching senior professionals with diverse expertise in risk management, budgeting, change management, and sector-specific knowledge for NED roles.

Within our extensive network, we connect with senior professionals who have demonstrated excellence in these critical areas. By carefully matching these individuals with housing sector organisations, we ensure that our client’s boards benefit from the skills and experience needed to address industry challenges effectively.

From financial expertise to strategic insight, our sourced NEDs possess the capabilities required to enable sustainable growth and navigate regulatory complexities.

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What Makes Neemar More Than Just a Search Partner?

When it comes to finding the right non-executive professionals for the social housing sector, Neemer stands out as more than just a search partner. Here's how our tailored approach, proactive engagement, and unwavering commitment distinguish us.

Neemer goes beyond standard search practices by tailoring every aspect of our process to meet your organisation's unique requirements. From understanding your specific needs to supporting you through strategy development and onboarding, we ensure a seamless and personalised experience.

We proactively identify your housing organisation's needs, using our extensive sector knowledge to pinpoint the most suitable non-executive professionals. Our approach involves thoroughly exploring talent pools beyond traditional job boards, ensuring we find individuals who align perfectly with your requirements.

Understanding the sector's challenges, we are deeply committed to providing tailored solutions that effectively address your organisation's needs. Our dedication extends beyond finding candidates; we strive to support your long-term success by delivering exceptional service and ongoing assistance throughout the recruitment process.

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We Collaborate: Opportunities and solutions are easier to find when people search together. When we collaborate, we can positively impact our communities and the sector and discover new ideas faster.

We Create Change: We embrace and drive positive change within the UK housing industry and community with our colleagues, candidates, and clients.

We are a Force for Good: To have the most significant possible impact, we want to create a community in this fantastic industry that shares knowledge, drives positive change, and is a true force for good.

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