The NS Community

Creating a Community within a Community 

The Neemar Search Community Platform is an online and in-person platform that connects leaders throughout the UK across various disciplines.

Why NS/ Community?

At Neemar Search, we strive to be seen as more than just a search provider. We're dedicated to being an essential part of our clients' journey, enriching their perception of the search industry by nurturing a supportive community within it.

Our fundamental principles of collaboration, innovation, and social responsibility are at the heart of NS/Community. Through this platform, we aim to share insights, openly address challenges, and drive positive change and innovation.

By uniting professionals and promoting an environment of shared knowledge and collective action, we seek to advance the housing sector. Our vision is to empower individuals and organisations to succeed, contributing to progress and shaping a brighter future for the industry.

The Neemar Search Community Platforms

Chair of the Board

Chief Executive

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Executive Director of Property

Executive Director of Development

Executive Director of Customer Services

Executive Director of Corporate Services

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