Think Strategic and Adapt with Interim Leadership

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Tom Neely

By Tom Neely

As we continue to operate in a challenging environment, organisations are pressured to think more carefully about their next senior appointment. Placing the right candidate into the right role has never been more important.

At Neemar Search, our diverse network of highly professional interims will draw on their wealth of experience and expertise to support businesses through; periods of transition, help navigate during a time of crisis or be used as a catalyst for delivering key value add projects whilst the business continues to operate day to day.

Whilst hiring an interim may not be a permanent solution, they should be considered as an integral part of your hiring strategy, providing on-demand support, when you need it most.

The growing demand for Senior Interims isn’t surprising. Here are some key benefits; 

  1. Expertise 

Given the current challenges the sector faces, your organisation may have capability gaps that demand higher levels of expertise than what currently exists internally. Interims are typically experts within their field who require little guidance, giving you the opportunity to create an agile, hybrid workforce with the specific skills needed to tackle the challenges you are currently facing, which can sometimes take years to develop. 

  1. High Impact 

Professional Interims are immediately available and can be within your organization in a matter of weeks and/or days. As a result, you will immediately see the impact, bringing with them the right skills, at the right time, for as long as you need. Often, interims will be highly experienced in restructuring, cost reduction, crisis and risk management. However, on a more practical level, they will be used to working to tight deadlines, where they need to make things happen fast.

  1. Diverse Perspectives 

We operate in a sector that is ever-changing. When faced with an opportunity or anticipated challenge, permanent members of staff can at times, be influenced by internal factors. However, Interims can provide a new or different perspective, applying what they have learnt in previous projects and adapting it to what you need to help move you forward. 

  1. Flexibility: 

As businesses continue to adapt, the need to be able to respond quickly and strategically is key. Highly experienced interims will bring a track record of delivering similar projects and will bring capabilities that may currently be missing from your workforce.

  1. Key Vacancies

On average, it can potentially take up to 6months for a Senior Level appointment to conclude and start within your business. Once onboarded, the successful candidate will naturally need 6 to 12 months to fully embed into your executive team before making any significant improvements to the organisation.

In some instances, some senior roles that are vacant can cause an immediate disruption to business performance. If that is the case, the position should be covered by an interim who has the right skills and experience – given their level of expertise, an experienced interim will quickly understand the challenges and thus allows you time to make the right permanent appointment and not rush the process.

If you want to understand more about how an interim leader can assist in your business, then please do contact 

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