Leadership Lessons: Anchor CEO, Sarah Jones

Tom Neely
Sarah Jones

By Tom Neely & Sarah Jones

In the first episode of our new Housing Collective podcast, delivered in partnership with crowdfunding platform Beam, Neemar Search founder Tom Neely caught up with Sarah Jones, Chief Executive Officer of Anchor, gaining insights into her career prior to joining the housing industry and some crucial considerations that professionals ought to be addressing when they’re thinking about switching sectors or searching for progression in their professional lives.

Sarah offers valuable lessons on the leadership qualities that have seen her transition from a career in the private sector to that of Chief Financial Officer and—as of 2022—CEO of the largest not-for-profit provider of housing and care for over-55s in England. She provides vital advice for those looking at making a career change and achieving success within the person-centered housing sector, or any industry for that matter.

Along the way, Tom and Sarah also touched on the impact of aging populations, economic uncertainty, and the UK housing crisis on the wider industry. They look closely at how business leaders within the housing industry can employ holistic approaches to operations. These strategies can help business leaders to enhance their organisation’s resilience and address these increasingly complex challenges.

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