Steve Coffey, CEO of Torus

Tom Neely
Steve Coffey

By Tom Neely & Steve Coffey

Learn more about Torus as our host, Tom Neely, engages in a captivating conversation with CEO Steve Coffey in this December podcast episode of The Housing Collective. Uncover Steve's 15-year leadership journey, gaining profound insights into Torus, its unique recruitment strategies, and the pivotal elements in fostering a positive team culture.

Join us for a deeper dive into the intricate dynamics of Torus, where Steve unveils the organisation's vision and its commitment to community impact. This episode goes beyond the surface, providing a understanding of effective leadership and its transformative role in shaping not just organisations, but entire communities. Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of Torus and the leadership wisdom shared by CEO Steve Coffey.

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